ERSA Schools Race FAQ

What is the race format.
It is a 2 run slalom race on the same course. Those who have entered as individuals will go first followed by the teams. All team members will race in their team group order. the age of the oldest team member will determine which age group the team competes in. The team race order will be decided by the team and placed on the entry form. For example;
                Individual Racer 1
                Individual Racer 2
                Individual Racer … 8
                Team 1 racer 1
                Team 1 racer 2
                Team 1 racer 3
                Team 1 racer 4
A team can consist of 3 or 4 members. The fastest three times from the team will be taken from each run and used to calculate the overall team positions. Everyone racing will also find out their individual position in the race for their respective age category.
Do I have to wait for Protocol
The race is being run more in line with an ERSA Summer League. There will be no race paperwork being marked and therefore no race protocol. The race will be run using electronic start and finish line and flags will be used by the gate judges so that people know immediately if they have been disqualified.
When is the closing date and what if the race is over subscribed.
Friday 12th April. Entries will be received on a first come basis. In the event the race is over subscribed we will accept all those individuals and teams in the order they were received by the online entry system.
What is the minimum age.
There is no minimum age but the child needs to be in full time education.
What areas are covered.
The school needs to be in one of the following regions Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Herts, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Lincolnshire, Buckinghamshire.
Does the team have to go in a specific order.
No. The entry form just needs the names and ages of the entrants. The start list will be published before the race with the order in which people need to race.
What happens if I need to change a team member.
If you need to change a team member you must notify the Race Secretary with the details, If there needs to be a change on race day them you must notify the race Secretary before the race begins.
Will there be a refund if I enter and then change my mind.
Refunds can only be given for illness or injury if a doctors certificate is provided.
How do I know my entry has been received.
Once your entry has been received by the Race Secretary you will receive an email confirming receipt.
How do I know if my entry has been accepted into the race.
An acceptance list will be published on Monday 15th April on the ERSA website
When will the results be published.
As per ERSA Summer League racing all results will be announced on the day of the race as soon as possible once it has completed. They will be published on the ERSA website here
What awards will be handed out and when.
Prize giving will take place on the day after the race has completed. Award will be presented for the following;
Teams Male, Female and Mixed – 1st, 2nd, 3rd
Individual, Male and Female – 1st, 2nd, 3rd
Overall Male and Female
Overall Team
What time do we need to be there.
The timing on the race day will be as follows;
8.30 – 9.30 – Start and open practice
9.30 – 10.30 – Course setting and course inspection
10.30 – First run starts
The second run will take place immediately after the first run has completed and will be in the same order as the first run. Prize giving will take place as soon as the results have been calculated at the end of the race.
Is the race organised by ESSKIA.
No. The race is organised and run by the Eastern Region Snowsports Association, ERSA, with the support of their sponsors and Snowsport England.
How is this different to the ESSKIA races.
This race is an introduction to the ERSA summer league races to show people what else takes place in the region at the clubs and during the summer. The race can be used by schools in preperation for what an ESSKIA race is like when they take place during September.
Why is ERSA organising the race.
It is hoped that this race will bring new schools and racers in to the sport that we all enjoy. The Schools race is to provide an introduction to the racing which takes place in ERSA during the summer and will highlight what clubs are available in the region to join. We want to increase participation in the sport in the region and not just for one race, this will consist of a mixture of experienced regional skiers as well as new skiers getting involved for the first time.
I want to help who do I talk to.
Please contact
Can I change the order of the team
Yes you can change the order of the team once you have sent in the entry form. However this can only be done until the closing date of the 12th April. Please contact
How many teams can a school enter.
Up to 6 teams from one school
You still haven’t my question who do I ask now
Please contact

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