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Racer: Harry BOTY


Club BARTS: HEM ERSA ID: 1155 
Club BASS: Year of Birth: 1997 
Sex: MaleReg No: 19713 
Active: YesFIS No: 0 

Races Entered and Paid

RaceDateEntered CostPaid

Open Races

Race NameDateCostEnter
ERSA Schools Race @ Norfolk 24-04-2022 £0 Entries Closed
Team Evolution ERSA Welwyn SL (Round 1) 08-05-2022 £15
Team Evolution ERSA Vikings SL (Round 2) 15-05-2022 £15 Entries Closed
Club National Welwyn 21-05-2022 £24 Entries Closed
Club National Hemel 11-06-2022 £34 Entries Closed
Club National Ski MK 12-06-2022 £34 Entries Closed
Club National Vikings 25-06-2022 £24 Entries Closed
Club National Norfolk 26-06-2022 £24 Entries Closed
Team Evolution ERSA Norfolk SL (Round 3) 03-07-2022 £15 Entries Closed
Team Evolution ERSA Hemel SL (Round 4) 09-07-2022 £30 Entries Closed
Team Evolution ERSA SMK SL (Round 5) 10-07-2022 £30 Entries Closed
Team Evolution ERSA Essex SL(Round 6 - Final) 04-09-2022 £15 Entries Closed
Tri-Regions 2022 02-10-2022 £0 Entries Closed

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Photos and Video
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Individual Results for past races

2021-05-09Team Evolution ERSA Welwyn SL (Round 1)23.17SM132
2019-09-22ERSA Champs Indoor (Open to all) - SnozoneSM100
2019-09-18ERSA Championships, Outdoor race (open to all)SM100
2019-09-07Team Evolution ERSA SL(Round 6-Final) RACE CLOSED20.21SM121
2019-06-22Club National WelwynSEN00
2019-06-01Club National NorfolkSEN00
2019-05-31TEAMevolution ERSA DA$H FOR CA$HSEN00
2018-07-15Team Evolution ERSA SL(Round 5)21.87SM121
2018-05-20Club National VikingsSEN00
2017-07-08ERSA Hemel12.62U2122
2017-06-25ERSA Norfolk29.21U2194
2017-06-11ERSA Club NationalU2100
2016-09-25ERSA Champs Outdoor (Open to all)23.05U2131
2016-09-24ERSA Champs Indoor (Open to all)14.64U21132
2016-09-11British Outdoor ChampionshipsU2100
2016-09-11ERSA Essex19.69U2142
2016-09-10Welsh Outdoor ChampionshipsU2100
2016-09-03All England ChampsU2100
2016-08-14National Champs British Indoor SSEU2100
2016-08-13National Champs Anglo Welsh Indoor SSEU2100
2016-07-17ERSA Tallington29.69U21334
2016-07-09ERSA Hemel (RACE CLOSED)13.97U2121
2016-07-02GBR 3 (Outdoor) SSEU2100
2016-06-26Club National GloucesterU2100
2016-06-25Club National MidlandU2100
2016-06-11Club National HemelU2100
2016-06-05ERSA Norfolk30.48U21102
2016-05-28SSE BASS Indoor RacesU2100
2016-05-22Club National VikingsU2100
2016-05-21Club National NorfolkU2100
2016-05-15ERSA Welwyn20.90U2153
2016-05-01GBR 2 (Outdoor) SSEU2100
2016-04-30GBR 1 (Outdoor) SSEU2100
2015-10-17ERSA Tri-RegionsU2100
2015-09-27ERSA Champs Outdoor - Welwyn21.39U2115
2015-09-26ERSA Champs Indoor - Hemel12.87U21104
2015-09-13National Champs British OutdoorU2100
2015-09-12National Champs Welsh OutdoorU2100
2015-08-29All England ChampsU2100
2015-07-12Club National ERSAU2100
2015-07-12GBR Race 6 PontypoolU2100
2015-07-11Club National Hemel25.63U2164
2015-06-21Club National MidlandU2100
2015-06-20GBR Race 2 and 3 GloucesterU2100
2015-06-07ERSA Essex20.36U21114
2015-06-06ERSA Hemel13.19U21247
2015-05-10ERSA Norfolk0.00U2100
2015-04-19ERSA Welwyn21.20U21177
2014-10-19Essex Ski Racing Club21.06U1873
2014-10-18Tri RegionsU1800
2014-09-28ERSA Finals Indoor SlopeU1800
2014-09-27ERSA Finals Dry SlopeU1800
2014-06-08Milton Keynes14.20U18144
2013-10-12Tri RegionalU1800
2013-09-29ERSA Champs 2 - Indoor Slope25U18117
2013-09-28ERSA Champs 1 - Dry Slope22.08U1874
2013-06-02Milton Keynes13.39U18132
2012-09-30ERSA Champs 2 - Indoor Slope00
2012-09-29ERSA Champs 1 - Dry Slope00
2012-06-10Hemel Indoor13CH2237
2012-04-29Welwyn Garden City24.77CH2256
2011-10-15Tri Regions00

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