Tri Regions Event

Tri Regions Event
Venue: Bromley 
Cost: covered by the regions, ERSA provide a racing t-shirt
Time: check race invite
For the past few years the three regions have held an event at the end of the season to give racers from each of the regions the chance to compete against each other, especially those who do not take part in the national events.  Each year we rotate the organising region and try to host the event at a different location. However the two best locations are Brentwood and Welwyn Garden City.
There are 8 teams of 5 racers in each team. At least one member must be of the opposite gender, at least one member CH2 or below and not more than two Senior or Masters.
The entry criteria is simple. The racer must be a member of the club in the appropriate region and it is open to those who have taken part in either the regional summer leagues and / or national races.
If you would like to take part or have nay questions the for send an email to once of the following;
ERSA – Ian Mawson
LSERSA – Sandy Telling
SRSA – Darren Schmidt

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