ERSA and Team Evolution

ERSA are pleased to announce today a partnership between ERSA and Team Evolution for 2011.

Each year ERSA continues to foster the grass roots of Alpine skiing in the region and wider afield, and has been looking at ways to promote the progression beyond the regional racing and show our members what else is available through to the National teams.

The partnership starts today and will be evident at the first ERSA summer league race tomorrow at Welwyn Garden City. There are over 170 racers from the region taking part in the Welwyn race many of which are new racers this season. It is also great to see so many racers taking part from the indoor clubs at a slope which is always popular.

During the Welwyn race Team Evolution will be running a prize draw with one of their sponsors, Level Gloves. Flyers will be handed out at the race throughout the day, and each will be individually numbered. On Monday, one number will be drawn at random and announced on the Team Evolution blog and ERSA Website, with the winner picking up a pair of Level Gloves as a prize!

Team Evolution, hold various camps throughout the year,ranging from full time winter programmes to local training camps open to all. One such camp is at Hemel Snow Centre, and takes place in July. During the past winter Team Evolution have been very successful on the International circuit, and the current Male and Female British Childrens Champions come from their Childrens Training group. For more information regarding their training programmes, check out the Team Evolution website.

Look out for more information on the website over the coming days and see you at Welwyn tomorrow where the first prizes will be handed out, including free spaces on the Team Evolution July Training Camp for race winners in select age groups.

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