New Development Officer - Susie Moore

Introducing the new Snowsport England Sports Development Officer (South) - Susie Moore

Hello everyone, my name is Susie Moore and I have recently started at Snowsport England as a Sports Development Officer for the South, this taking over from Vicki Pullin.

So a little background about myself....

Sport has always been very important to me, I have been involved with a number of different sports throughout my life; As a spectator, a participant, as well as a coach. Due to this I have chosen to pursue a sports development career fulfilling the desire to give back to sport and being able to give others the opportunity to gain the enjoyment and benefits that sport can bring.

Over the past two years I have worked passionately as the Isle of Wight Watersports Development Officer. This involved working with the local watersport clubs and centres to connect them to the wider sports development network, offering club development support, as well as introducing initiative to help growing and sustain participation.

I am an eager snowboarder falling in love with the sport when introduced through university. I have had 4 years of enjoyment out of recreational participation and when the opportunity to combine my love for snowsports and sport development arose I couldn’t turn it down.

So enough about me what’s next for snowsports???

I can’t wait to start meeting everyone and hope that through my new post I will be able to work with you to raise the profile of our Snowsport England. I hope to bring success and support to English clubs, raising regular participation and membership as well as strengthening pathways to the elite end of the sport. As well I intend to connect snowsports to national programmes and funding streams. Finally I aim to create an awareness outside of our sport that snowsports is an English all year round sport not just a winter one.

If you have any questions for me or just want to say hello please just contact me, see below;

Mobile: 07891 622 648 Email:

See you soon

Susie Moore.


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