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Starting on: 17/09/2016

Location: Chill Factore Manchester

Snowsport England Annual General Meeting 17th September 2016

Snowsport England would like to invite all members to the  Annual General Meeting, which will be held at the UK Snowsport Coaching conference on the 17th September at Chill Factore from 4.30 pm.

All registered members are allowed to attend the AGM and if 18+ you are allowed a vote (18 as of 17th September 2016). Following our article change in November 2014 we have one member one vote. If you are a member at an affiliated club or registered directly with Snowsport England then you have the right to a vote. We have sent an email to all members contacts that have been registered with Snowsport England. If you haven’t received an email then you can register by clicking here and completing the form. We will then verify your membership and will confirm this with an email to you.

We would really love for as many members to attend the AGM as possible. All members are welcome to join the UK Snowsports Coaching Awards dinner (£30 fee) which is taking place after the AGM and be able to discuss any futher SSE matters with Directors. If you are planning to attend please contact Holly in the office and confirm if you will attend the dinner or not. If you are unable to attend but want to vote then please complete the proxy form and return to the office.

The three directors up for re-election are:

Jeremy Eaton, during his time on the board and as chair has taken the organisation as it was and turned it on it's head for the better. Under Jeremy's Chairship, the organisation has moved premises to be incorporated within the leading sport hub in the country, and guided the organisation  through a second funding cycle with a 50% increase in funds to £1.5 million introduced a new alpine pathway and developed a very successful freestyle pathway. Jeremy attends frequent meetings with chairs from other sports, Sport England and the Sport & Recreational Alliance in order to gain shared learning and to further enhance our credibility amongst other larger sporting organisations. Jeremy’s relentless and tireless efforts to ensure our sport has a share of voice within the wider  sporting community  and that snpwsport continues to grow in the right direction are a real testament to him. Jeremy will be stepping down from his Chair duties in April 2017 after five years. He aims to spend the months from September to April recruiting and handling over the mantle to a new independent chair.

Bryan Thomas, joined the board in 2012 and is our current finance Director. Bryan spends the majority of his time working on a variety of matters for SSE. Bryan can often be seen helping out and organising many events including Esskia races, club nationals, squad weekends, conferences as well as ensuring Snowsport England's finances remain healthy. Bryan works relentlessly on helping clubs secure extra funding to enhance their premises and is a wealth of knowledge on the organisation. Bryan works closely with all of the key committee’s within the sport , at the request of the board, to ensure that budgets are carefully adhere to, and plays a very active role on two of the committees, whilst his careful monitoring of the organisation over the last 4 years has ensured that SSE has gone from strength to strength. Bryan’s plans, if he were to be re-elected, are to prepare a successor  ensuring that a new finance director is fully versed in the smooth running of the organisation to ensure that the eventual handover is seamless. Bryan continues as chairman of the Midland Ski Club and is on the committee revitalising Central England Ski Association (CESA)

 Gareth Wynn, Senior Managing Director at FTI Consulting, former Director of Communications at EDF Energy, was  responsible for EDF's sponsorship of the London 2012 bid and for their partnership with the London 2012 Olympic Games & Paralympic Games. Has extensive communications and commercial skills along with sponsorship and corporate experience. Trained with BASI, served as Ski Club of Great Britain rep & taught skiing on dry slopes. Gareth has enjoyed skiing throughout his life and is keen to share his business and communications knowledge with Snowsport England.Gareth has been supporting the staff on the commercial consultancy work which has been funded by Sport England.


Please click here to view the minutes from last years AGM.

Please click here to view the Proxy Form

Please click here to view the Agenda for this year's AGM

Please click here to view this year's accounts

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