SSE Regional meeting and Board minutes

There was recently a regional chairs meeting held at Snowsport England. To keep people up to date with progress attached is some material that has been sent as a result of the meeting including the meetings and also the minutes of the recent SSE board meeting.

Snowsport England board minutes 17th November 2015

Regional Chairs day minutes

Regional Chairs day slides

Regional Plan Presentations

Snowsport England Benefits

Note from SSE;

We’ve pulled together all the discussion, challenges, next steps and actions from the day which you can now find in the attached minutes. Accompanied to these are the slides used, summaries of plan presentations and the latest SSE Board Meeting Minutes. You will all hopefully have received an invitation to the SSE Dropbox again where you can see all this information as well as everyone’s plans – if any other members of the committee would like access then let me know and I can invite them.

Member Benefits
Attached is also a first draft of club member benefits. which will be pulled into a mailer over the next 2 weeks as we believe this will be more of a friendly format for you to communicate to club and committee members. May we please ask that if you are forwarding this onto club members or committee members before this, that you indicate that this document and member benefits are an ongoing work in progress and not the finished article.

Next Steps

This Wednesday we will be reviewing the Workforce and Activity sections for the regions that have completed these and communicating funding amounts shortly after this. If there have been any major amendments to your plans then please forward them through. As a heads up, those regions that are yet to complete their plans are asked to do so and send in to by the 8th January. Following this, we will communicate on a case by case basis to each region around when their Workforce and Activity sections of these plans will be analysed. As always, if you need any support then please contact your regional development officer or give me a call.



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