Lewis Sonvico cashes in at the Route One Bangers & Cash

The BRITS Snow & Music Festival March 23rd – 30th, 2015, Tignes, France

The first day of the British Snowboard Championships started off with a bang with the ROUTE ONE Bangers and Cash Rail Jam. With blue skies and sunshine, conditions couldn’t have been better for the riders and their many supporters lounging at the base of the course. Thanks to the relaxed jam format, some of the best UK jibbers of all ages battled it out with the hopes of taking home some hard earned cash. Nabbing the final, the bragging rights, and the many Euros was Lewis Sonvico (25) for the boys and Ella Fry-Taylor (22) for the girls.

Though we saw many stylish tricks from other riders, it was Sonvico’s creative use of the course and his consistency with big tricks that earned him top spot. Two of his most notable tricks were his massive rodeo gap from the box take off to the rocket landing, and a huge frontside boardslide over the flat rail to the down rail. In second place was last year’s winner Jamie Trinder, whose many various stylish tricks involved nailing a notable rodeo 7 off the rocket. Third place was taken by Henry Shackleton who impressed the judges hit after hit, especially upon landing his lofty gap over the flat box to front boardslide.

When asked what winning felt like, Lewis stated, ‘It was cool to win. The set up was rad and everyone was throwing down and I really just got lucky. I wasn’t expecting to win at all.”

As for the girls, Tignes local and last year’s winner Ella Fry-Taylor, rode consistently throughout the session, locking in first place with a massive Japan grab off the rocket. Taking second was Gillian Finnerty (22) whose stylish switch boardslides ensured her a strong finish. Third place was for Amelia Fisher (30) who regularly gapped the flat boxes and rails while using the whole course.

Stoked on her win, Ella stated, “It was really great to win this year. I wasn’t expecting to win since I fell so many times. The course was really fun though, just a lot gnarlier than last year.”

Based on the performances of the younger riders today, the future of UK jibbing is in good hands. Ciaran Tucker (16) truly stood out for making use of the entire course, oftentimes going bigger than some of the older and more experienced competitors. Meanwhile, Scott Walsh (12) nailed two super smooth front flips off of the box, while Bradley Rowell (15) 270ed on and off almost all of the rails and boxes throughout the competition.

Route 1 Bangers & Cash Results

Over 16s Men                                 
1st- Lewis Sonvico
2nd- Jamie Trinder
3rd- Henry Shackleton

Under 16s Men
1st- Ciaran Tucker
2nd- Scott Walsh
3rd- Bradley Rowell

Over 16s Women
1st - Ella Fry-Taylor
2nd - Gillian Finnerty
3rd – Amelia Fisher 

Under 16s Women
1st – Cerys Allen
2nd – Maisie Hill
3rd – Bradie Zimmer-Collins

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