UK National Races

Most UK National Race entries will be possible on this website. 

Follow the simple instructions below;

  1. Register on the ERSA website if you have not already done so, here
  2. Click on Search Racer and perform your search
  3. Select a Racer
  4. From the list of valid races click Enter Race
  5. Click on Pay for Races

That's it.


All active races can be viewed on this page and you can sort them depending on the type of race you are looking for.

You can enter more than one racer or race at a time and pay for them all together if you like. We use Paypal for all payments. You do not need a Paypal account to complete your payment they will accept credit card payments without registration. If you have any problems you can pay the race secretary instead.

On the left there is an area called Race Entry with links to help you.


If you have any queries please contact any of the following Bernard Wright, Steve Lambert, Peter Heath.


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