Hemel and Milton Keynes Summer League races

In previous years both the Hemel and Milton Keynes summer league races have been extremely well supported and thank you for that. As many of you know we are very constrained on time we have the indoor slopes in comparison to the outdoor slopes. While the races run very efficiently and we generally keep to time we are also aware that with increased numbers taking part in the region we will again have a lot of people looking to take part in both races. Last year we had 218 racers enter the Hemel summer league and this was a challenge. Therefore after much discussion we have decided to implement a maximum number of entries for both the indoor races. It will cover

Hemel 10th June
Milton Keynes 23rd June

Both races will be restricted to 200 racers. It will be done on a first come first served basis and you must enter online at the ERSA website. Now most people and with their race managers do enter online, but if you have a problem then email race_manager@ersa.co.uk. When the maximum number of entries have been received if the closing date has not been reached them other people can enter online but will be added to a waiting list which is visible online. If someone drops out of the main race the next person in line will be added. I know this is slightly different to what happens on some National events but we have decided that we will take this approach as it is very easy to implement and parents and racers will know where they stand sooner.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at chair@ersa.co.uk.

ERSA Chair


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