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Race Details - Team Evolution ERSA Hemel SL (Round 3) (ID:280)

Location: The Snow Centre - HemelCost: £32Race Date: 13-06-2020
Entries ClosedCompleted: YesClosing Date: 10-06-2020 18:00
Race Description: Team Evolution ERSA Hemel SL (Round 3) (1400H START)
Race Notes: NB: Race date is SATURDAY 13 June with a start time for open practice of 1430h, Bibs must be worn so number is clearly visible. An extended GS will be held conditions and time permitting. Limited to 150 entries. Closing date is 10/07/2020 18:00:00 or before if at capacity.
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Race Entries Total: 30

IDRegClubRacer NameCatYOBPaidCost
57660BROMarcus POPU082013Paypal£32
58070ESXLeonardo GINTYU102011Paypal£32
58080ESXEMILY JEFFERYU162006Paypal£32
58020ESXCharlotte LEEU142007No£32
58030ESXJames LEEU122009No£32
54840ESXJeffrey PENNECKMA41957No£32
561125432HEMEvienne ARNOLDU122010No£32
560625587HEMAudrey CURTISU102011No£32
56070HEMSylvia CURTISU102012No£32
493123961HEMJack DUCKENFIELDU142007Paypal£32
550925685HEMZoe FLITTONU162006Paypal£32
551725086HEMLily FLITTONU102011Paypal£32
55950HEMSamuel GREENLANDU102012No£32
555025953HEMAnna HARRISONMA31970No£32
25180NORZoe COZENSU142007No£32
25170NORSamuel COZENSU162006No£32
48140NORBen DAVIESU182004No£32
540826015NORHeidi GIBBSU142007No£32
248823350NORJamie GOMEZ CLARKEU212002No£32
258224227NORAlex HADINGHAMU162006No£32
540126012NORFreddie MONTGOMERYU162005No£32
553326047NORIsobel MONTGOMERYU142007No£32
58040NORHettie RICHU162006Paypal£32
58050NORAlfie RICHU102011Paypal£32
132520742NORMelissa SAMPSONMA21971No£32
55990NORThomas WILSONU122009Paypal£32
540725753SMKMatthew DUFFU182003No£32
54480SMKAlexander GIBSONU122010No£32
559225042SMKJacob SEWELLU212002No£32
47950WGCBenedict GODLEYU142007Paypal£32

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