Race Calendar 2015

These are the following ERSA Summer League races;

19th April - Welwyn
26th April - Schools Race - Norfolk
10th May – Norfolk
6th June – Hemel 2pm start
7th June – Essex
21st June - Tallington
28th June – Ipswich
26th September – ERSA Championships Indoor Slope - Hemel 2pm start
27th September  – ERSA Championships Dry Slope - Welwyn

17th October – Tri-Regions - Brentwood
Later start times at Hemel are due to slope availability and cost. For 2015 there will be no races at Milton Keynes due to the high cost of rental of the slope makes the race unviable.
If you wish to enter any of the above regional races you can enter online or talk to your club race manager for more details. If you have any questions then please send an email to info@ersa.co.uk.
Club National Races taking place in the region are;
30th May – Norfolk - 9.30am start - Invite
31st May – Vikings - 9am start - Invite
11th July – Hemel - 2pm start - Invite
12th July - ERSA at Welwyn - 9am start - Invite
Download a Day Entry form from here and an Athlete's Declaration form here.
If you wish to enter any of the above national races then visit the online entry area, https://www.freestyleweb.co.uk/compentry/index.asp, Also your club race manager will be able to help.

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