Manchester Race Weekend

I am sure you will have seen several comments about the snow conditions last weekend at Chill Factore when then championship races were held. They were very below par and the worst that many have seen in recent years. This not only affected the quality of the experience for racers but there was also a lot of concern from people at the event about the safety to racers with such poor conditions. They were only able to hold the event due to the massive support of helpers they had on the course constantly repairing it and the TD for the weekend was close to cancelling the race on Sunday.
The organisers for the race on the 27th and 28th of August have been talking to Chill to find out what they will be doing to improve the situation. Their piste basher is currently broken and they do not intend producing any new snow before September so conditions will not improve and in the two week gap to our races will in fact deteriorate.
We have spoken to a lot of people who were there last weekend and the constant message is not to run another event until the conditions are improved as there is a serious chance of injury to people.
As a result of this the organisers of the British Ski and Boarder X Champs have decided to postpone the event on the Sunday and in consultation with them ERSA has regrettably decided to do the same for the Saturday race. Not only do we want people to enjoy the experience on the day but also we need to ensure that everything is done to allow racers to take part safely and we do not feel this is possible at this stage. We are working with Chill to come up with alternative dates and if agreement be reached we will update you.
It is not a decision that has been taken lightly but we feel we have been left with no choice and I hope you understand. Obviously we will refund the entry fee for those who have already paid. Everyone who has entered has been contacted directly.
Thank you.
ERSA Chair

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