2015 Season Fedback

So far this season we have had six summer league races at Welwyn, Norfolk, Hemel, Essex, Tallington and Vikings. We have also had two club nationals at Norfolk and Vikings and we still have the Hemel and ERSA club nationals to come in July. The ERSA Champs also at the end of September.

We are already starting to plan the 2016 (yes I know sounds early but we have to start now) and we have an ERSA Committee meeting on the 19th July to which all regional clubs have been invited.

We need your feedback about everything we are doing good and bad. What would you like to see in 2016. It is important that you give us feedback so please take just a few minutes to complete the following survey. You can do it anonymously or leave your name. It does help if you leave your name and then we can contact you to find out more.



ERSA Chair


This is optional but does help us confirm queries and comments.

This is optional but does help us confirm queries and comments.

What is your main role for the racing.

Which club are you from.

Race Format

Tell us what you think of the standard 3 run format, if you like it and how it can be improved.

What do you think of the team events this season, we have done something different with the categories has it worked?

What do you think of the Stampede event and improvements that can be made.

Do you like the additional competition the Top 32 provides. What works and what doesn't?

How do you find the Top 16 which we have now introduced. What works and what doesn't?

Other Feedback

What do you think about the later start time, especially for the Hemel races? We are constrained by the slope availability hence why it is later.

What do you think about having two races in one weekend?

Would you like to see something different done at any of the races? If so what.

Would you be interested in a race weekend at Chill Factore? Would be a slalom race but also what about something different like ski cross or something else?

What would encourage you to help out at races?

Anything else you would like to suggest or comment on?

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