ERSA Club Nationals

ERSA are working with the clubs in the region who are holding a Club National and we will be sponsoring a new fun event called the ERSA Pro-GS event. In order to give racers better value for money the event will take place immediately after the main slalom race. It is open to everyone that has entered the club national and is Free of Charge.

After the main slalom, keep your bib and once the course has been set, away we go. We are aiming for a 2 run event but subject to time this may need to be reduced but it will be confirmed on the day. The event will run at all five club nationals, points will be awarded to the top 25 (50, 48, 46 … 2) and once the fifth race has completed an overall winner will be announced and prizes awarded to the top 5 places regardless of sex or age. So the more races you enter the better the chance you have of winning.

There will also be an overall club winner, so again the top 25 places will receive points (50, 48, 46 … 2) for their first named club.

This year you can enter more than one race without registering with SSE on a day licence, so if you normally only race at your home club then this year you can enter other races close by. You will not receive any BARTS seed points but that is probably not important to you.

The dates of the races are:

18th May – Welwyn Garden City £17
19th May – Milton Keynes £21
8th June – Norfolk £17
9th June – Vikings £17
23rd June – Hemel £20

Clubs have held their entry fees at the same as 2011 and 2012.

After the success of the back to back race weekends we are doing the same this year. The races at Welwyn and Norfolk will start slightly later in the morning so you do not need to have a Friday overnight stay. More details about the day will be available on the race invite. We are conscious that families have budgets and aim to give value for money for the entry fee!

Click here for a flyer about the events.

Thanks for support from Racer Ready.

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