ERSA 2012 Summer Season

Firstly congratulations and well done to all those racers taking part in many different races throughout the winter season, some excellent results around. Thank you to those who have sent me something to put on the website, if you would like something posted email it to

A quick update just before the start of the summer season. I will keep this email short but provide you links to everything else online to read at your leisure.

Team Evolution are continuing their support of the region even more this year along with even more Ski Bartlett’s. Zaini Hats who sponsor Team Evolution will also be attending several races this season.

Team Evolution and Bartlett’s –
Zaini Hats –
Atomic -
Racer Ready -

Thanks to all our partners for their support over the coming season.

Age Categories
The ERSA age categories have been updated and the full list can be viewed here,, please check them as they have been updated since the first published set due to additional changes from SSE.

Online Bookings
The invite for the first Summer League race of the season has been published here At the same time we have opened up the races online so that you can now enter each of the races,, please enter online as this helps with the organisation for each race.

Other Changes
This year in the team events the SEN/MAS and Open B formats have been updated. Now we have Open B and Open C which will both be relay races and consist of any 5 racers. Opn A and Children's remain unchanged. After the team events we will also be running the Team Evolution Pro - Slalom with the fastest top 32 racers of the day going head to head (dry slope only).

All results will be posted online here

Schools Race
A reminder that entries for the schools race taking place at Welwyn on the 22nd April must by in by 7pm this coming Friday 13th April. Entry form here

That’s it for now, I know a lot of links here but hopefully you have everything you need. If not drop me an email at or Ian at

ERSA Chair
t: 07776 201437


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