Hemel start list published

The start list for the race on Sunday has been published here. Please note the following run order and timetable;

Girls/Boys – MIN, BG1 (Stubby course)
Females (Full pole course)
Males (Full pole course)

RUN 2 (Reversed bib order)
Girls/Boys - MIN, BG1 (Full pole course identical to stubby course)
Females (Full pole course)
Males (Full pole course)

We do hope you have an enjoyable day and look forward to seeing you. If you have any questions please get in touch. Can we also remind all that the race has now closed and the entry fee is payable. Please go online and pay electronically if not already done so before Sundays event. We thank you for your help.

06.30h    Entry for nominated race officials and course crew/setters etc. 
07.00h    Race office, registration and centre opens. Bib Issue to RM, Course Setting.Entry will be to the changing area only, no access to bar until advised.
07.15h    Open Practice on main or side slope to include course inspection once set, please listen to announcements. Bibs must be worn so visible.
07.15h    Race Managers Meeting
08.30h    Open Practice and course inspection ends

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