ERSA Summer League

The ERSA 2011 Summer League kicks of in style on Sunday 22nd May at Welwyn Garden City. After the success of the first Club National run by the race team there they are following up with the first ERSA event this season. This is closely followed by the Milton Keynes ERSA race on Sunday 5th June (this is the week before the club national and grand prix).

This year we have several races taking place throughout the region;

8 Summer League races

2 ERSA Champs (indoor and outdoor)

Tri-Regional event at Welwyn

The first Eastern region schools race

You have plenty to choose from and the full race calendar and results can be found here This year the race entry fee for outdoor races will be £10 per race and indoors £17 per racer. After holding the entry fee at £9 for the past eight years we have had to increase it by £1 to ensure that the region can continue to provide the best racing environment in the country and this covers the provision of timing equipment to ensure a smooth running day.

If you have not been involved in ERSA races before there are more details which you can read online here, but the best way is to talk to someone that has been before at your club. The races are open to ALL ERSA members and if you are skiing at your club today then you should be fine to take part in the ERSA races.

The ERSA races are always fun, relaxed and very enjoyable so why not come along and take part.

You race manager will be talking to you over the next couple of weeks about the Welwyn race and others coming up. If you are not sure who your race manager is have a look here. If you are still not sure who to talk to send an email to

This year we will be introducing online entry and payment system for the region races, more details on this will follow in the next few days.

If you have any questions please just drop me a note at or give me a call on 07776 201437.

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